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Canary Information

Canaries have been around for hundreds of years and over time many variations have been created by selective breeding or mother nature. All canaries require a good diet that varies. Pet owners require a quality diet that consists of a seed mix based on canary grass seed. Many pet owners supplement that with a pelleted diet and egg foods.

Canary Types

Canaries are available in Green which is actually brown and yellow which is the type found in the wild. Yellows appear in many types of canaries and is what many people think of as a canary. Red Factors which originally are a cross between a standard canary and Red Siskins. Variegated Canaries similar to pieds in other birds as they are a combination of colors that can vary from canary to canary. Canaries are also found in white, orange, bronze, cinammon, silver and many more.

Canaries are classified as either color or song canaries. Though all male canaries sing when it comes to show time some canaries are judged by their type while others by their song. Type and color canaries include: Yellows, Reds, Fife Fancy, Glosters, Frills, Borders, Hartz, Norwich, Yorkshire, Lizard, Stafford. Song Canaries are: American Singers, Spanish Timbrados, Waterslagers and German Rollers.

Canary Foods

Seed Diets

Canary Seed diets are the staple for most canaries. The best diets are a clean mix with added vitamins and minerals. Breeders have a different view of diets and sometimes lean towards a basic mix of canary grass seed and rape seed during breeding season. Our recommendation for the typical pet owner is a premium seed diet as the primary canary food along with either a quality egg food from Abba, Cede, Quiko, Orlux or Higgins. A pelleted diet is also a great alternative as it provides consistant nutrition in every bite.

Egg foods

Eggfoods are a class of food that is commonly a baked good containing eggs and other ingredients that provide good animal proteins, vitamins and minerals. Each manufacturer has their own recipe. We are often asked what is a good egg food. That is typically an opinion of the person feeding the eggfood. Our feeling is to provide the best products on the market from Abba, Cede, Orlux, Higgins and Quiko and let the customer decide. Abba and Higgins are made in the US while Cede and Orlux are from Belgium and Quiko from Germany.

Canary Specialties

Canaries may also enjoy Soaked Seeds, Song Foods, Speciality Seed Mixes with dried fruits & vegetables, treat sticks and spray millet. Adding fresh greens and some fruit is also welcomed by your pet. A slice of orange always is enjoyed.

Canary Vitamins & Supplements

Many owners supplement a seed diet with vitamins and minerals. Canaries can have oyster shell based grit to help in digestion. Breeders recognize the need for added calcium in their diet that comes in many forms such as Cuttlebone, Mineral Blocks, Calcium powders and liquids. Red canaries require a red eggfood or Color Supplements to keep their red color. A Red Eggfood a few days a week makes a good treat and keeps them ready for the next molt. Remember the color may only be affected when feathers are growing during a molt.

Canary Medications

Canaries like all birds may run into health issues from time to time. A common problem is air sac mites which is observed as a canary breathing with mouth open and the tail bobbing. Placing a drop or 2 of Scatt 4 times per year will keep the mites away and is always recommended when bringing new canaries or finches into your home or aviary. Various antibiotics are available if any health issues arise. Some breeders treat proactively to head off problems during the breeding season. Using a probiotic such as Vetafarm Probotic is a good idea after medicating your birds. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria and Probotic brings the crop back to life.

Canary Cages & Accessories

When it comes to canaries most are fed with covered dishes as the canary may be small but can sure throw the food around. Water tubes keep drinking water clean and are an easy way to add vitamins or medications in measurable amounts. One warning is not to put water in a cover dish as your canary can try to bath in the dish and could drown. A separate bath dish is a simpler and safer solution.

Canary Breeder Supplies

Canary breeders need nests and materials at breeding season. Nest are available in plastic, metal, bamboo and other natural materials. Nesting fibers include multi-fibers, jute, sisal, cotton, and coconut fibers.

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